Virtual Treadle

One of PDQ's most recognizable innovations is the Virtual Treadle®. This electronic vehicle-sensing technology eliminates drive-on floor mechanisms, creating an open, inviting wash bay. The Virtual Treadle uses advanced sensor technology that eliminates the need for T-bars and floor-mounted mechanisms which are susceptible to temperature and quickly wear out through consistent use (LaserWash M5, LaserWash G5 S-Series and Tandem RiteTouch only).

Unlike other drive on, pressure sensors, the Virtual Treadle's ultrasonics sense a vehicle's presence and location within the wash bay. By sensing the vehicle's exact position, the wash bridge can adjust to maintain the optimal distance from the vehicle consistently providing the best and safest wash possible.

PDQ's Virtual Treadle safely accepts vehicles with any wheel configuration, including low profile sport wheels, "dually" pick up trucks, and oversized SUV tires.

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Attribute Treadle Mat Virtual Treadle
Entry to the Wash Customers must line up their vehicle's tires exactly with the treadle. Several customer tries may be necessary, especially in foggy conditions. Customers must drive onto the mat to initiate process. Through more forgiving than a standard treadle, customer is still responsible for facilitating the equipment's operation, which may lead to confusion. Completely open, no lining up with the equipment. Ultrasonic sensors facilitate the process - customer does not need to assess location or position, and does not need to alert the machine that the vehicle is present. Virtual Treadle sensors do all the work, creating a more pleasant experience for the consumer.
Vehicle Placement Recognition Treadles cannot judge a vehicle's exact location. The vehicle must sit within the treadle framework or the wash will not operate. While more forgiving than a traditional treadle, mats can typically judge only the presence of a vehicle, not its location or position (slightly on may, directly on, or slightly over preferred position). The Virtual Treadle's ultrasonics recognize not only the presence of a vehicle, but its exact position, ensuring vehicle safety and wash precision.
Vehicle Size Recognition Cannot usually accommodate unique vehicle or wheel sizes, eliminating many potential wash customers. Mats can usually judge the presence of a vehicle but not its precise size. PDQ's Virtual Treadle safely accepts vehicles with any wheel configuration, including low profile sport wheels, "dually" pick-up trucks, and oversized SUV's.
Reliability Reliable when customers drive exactly where required. Like old floor mats customers used to experience when approaching automatic doors, mats can experience misreads requiring customers to try again, resulting in slowed throughput and potential slides in customer satisfaction. Advanced technology that actually "sees" the vehicle and adjusts the equipment EVERY TIME.
Durability Even when used correctly, treadles can experience breakage and downtime due to repeated use and harsh weather. Weather and use can significantly impact performance and life. Since there is no contact, there is no chance of breakage or wear from vehicles driving on the parts. Temperature does not impact sensor life, allowing a potential reduction in downtime.
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The Virtual Treadle is a standard feature on PDQ's LaserWash® 360 and LaserWash® G5 S-Series touch-free in-bay automatics as well as the ProTouch® Tandem and ProTouch® ICON friction in-bay automatics. It was a standard feature on the LaserWash® M5 and was available as an order option or retrofit kit on LaserWash® 4000 systems.

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