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Spot Free Reclaim
MSRP $2,980.00*

Part # 09070132


Reclaim rejected water and reduce your water bill by reducing your fresh water usage up to 50%! This reclaim system captures water rejected by your spot free generation system and injects it into the wash cycle of your choosing.

• 300 gallon storage tank
• 25 gpm water transfer system
• Pump inlet fittings and valves
• Low level float switch for pump protection

• Fully integrated and programmable with your Laser 4000, G5 or M5
• Gives you complete control on how and when you use the reject water
• Saves you money by reducing fresh water usage by up to 50%

What's Included

• 300 gallon storage tank with fittings
• Transfer pumping system with mounting brackets and hardware
• Mounting hardware - 3/8" concrete anchors
• Low level float switch and fitting
• Hose clamps

What's NOT Included

• Pump station inlet fittings and valve – need to be ordered separately
  » For a G5 - 11030047
  » For a LW4K or M5 - 11030080
• Circuit breaker for main electrical panel - supplies a single phase 230V - 9.6 amp 1 ½ HP motor
• Electrical supply cable to the 1 ½ HP motor
• Low voltage control cable from the inlet valve to the machine control
• Hose to supply the tanks with spot free reject water - size dependant upon spot free generation system
• 1 ½" hose for the tank drain - length dependant upon tanks proximity to drain
• 1 ½" hose, pump supply - approximately 5'
• 1 ¼" hose, pump outlet, 200 psi - dependant upon location of transfer pump to main carwash pump

Installation Information

People Required:
Mechanical skill required:
Intermediate: General cutting or drilling; Use of a Dremel or angle grinder
Electrical skill required:
Advanced: Three phase high-voltage electrical; Knowledge of local electrical codes; Motor wiring
Fluid skill required:
Intermediate: High pressure connections; Complex assembly of fittings
Equipment Knowledge:
Intermediate: Solid understanding of control inputs/outputs and machine start-up and software update skills
Tools Required:
Electric drill and bit capable of drilling through concrete (if applicable) to mount 3/8” concrete anchors
Drill and 0.5" NPT tap for mounting the low level float switch in the tank
Normal hand-tools and basic wiring tools, including a multi-meter
Teflon pipe sealant
"Fish" tape
Wrench Rating:

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