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Electric Gatling Guns
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MSRP $5,625.00*

Part # 09190009


Differentiate yourself from your competitors with electric gatling guns! Gatling Guns offer enhanced cleaning capabilities for the wheel, tire, and rocker panel areas. This cone shaped dirt destroyer slices through mud and grime. Sixteen zero-degree V-Jet nozzles blast dirt away in areas that conventional spray methods seldom reach.

• Two Gatling gun assemblies, each containing 8 zero degree V-Jet nozzles, manifold, motor/gearbox and mounting hardware
• SST construction
• Fiberglass control box and controls for activating the rotating motors
• Designed to work in conjunction with your existing underbody manifold but can be stand-alone
• Optional changeover kit (Auxiliary Entrance Service Activation Kit) contains hose, fittings and solenoid valves that allow you to select which wash package to use the electric Gatling guns

• Improved wash quality
• Fully integrated with your LaserWash, LW4000, G5 or M5
• Direct-drive electric motor eliminates hydraulics and nearly eliminates maintenance
• Can allow you to differentiate between your wash packages (with optional changeover kit)
• Can fit into narrow bays (14' 4" minimum)
• Visual and audio experience that adds values to the customer


This video was shot in our development bay without the motor covers. Please note that motor covers are included.

What's Included

• Two (2) Gatling Gun assemblies
• Completely assembled motor, coupling and manifold
   » Stainless steel frames and mounting hardware
   » Stainless steel zero degree V-Jet nozzles
• Motor starter box with starters
• Stainless steel floor anchors
• Stainless steel fittings to allow connections into an existing underbody assembly

What's NOT Included

• Circuit breaker for main electrical panel
   » Supplies two 3-phase motors 208V - 1.1 amp 460V - 0.7 amp (each)
• Electrical supply from the main panel to the motor control box
• Electrical supply from the motor control box to each of the motors
• Low voltage (24 AC) control cable from the motor control box to the machine control output
• ½" 2,000 psi min hose with ½ MNPT fittings - typically 2 hoses 3-6' long
   » Connects ends of the underbody manifold to each of the Gatling guns

Installation Information

People Required:
Mechanical skill required:
Basic: Use of common tools; Mounting small equipment
Electrical skill required:
Advanced: Three phase high-voltage electrical; Knowledge of local electrical codes; Motor wiring
Fluid skill required:
Basic: Basic hose and fitting installation
Equipment Knowledge:
Intermediate: Solid understanding of control inputs/outputs and machine start-up and software update skills
Tools Required:
Electric drill and bit capable of drilling through concrete (if applicable) to mount 3/8" concrete anchors
Normal hand-tools and basic wiring tools, including a multi-meter
Wrench Rating:

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