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Surge Protection and Filter Kit
MSRP $216.00*

Part # 11350243


Help protect your Access unit against "dirty" power with a surge protection and power line filter kit. This retrofit kit enhances the ability of the Access to operate reliably under electrically noisy environments. The Ethernet suppressor is designed to protect equipment against AC transients caused by lightning, electrostatic discharge and ground surges that can enter equipment from the data line. The power line filter reduces the impact of noise generated on the 110V power supply line. It specifically targets noise generated by RFI (radio frequency interference) and EMI (electromagnetic interference).

• Enhances electronic system reliability
• Provides additional protection against electrical noise and network power surges
• Adds surge suppression (lighting strikes) to the network cable
• Economical and easy to install

What's Included

• In-Line Ethernet Surge suppressor
• In-line Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Interference filter
• Wiring terminals for easy retrofit

What's NOT Included

• All required parts are included for a typical installation, however due to the age and condition of your existing equipment, additional parts may be required. Please consult your local PDQ distributor for assistance.

Installation Information

People Required:
Mechanical skill required:
Basic: Use of common tools; Mounting small equipment
Electrical skill required:
Intermediate: 110/220v+ electrical; Control relay wiring
Fluid skill required:
Equipment Knowledge:
Basic: General machine programming
Tools Required:
Normal hand-tools and basic wiring tools, including a multi-meter for initial set-up only
Wrench Rating:

PLEASE NOTE: Difficulty rating is based on Access unit installed on a pedestal. Bricked-in Access units will be significantly more difficult to retrofit.

If you need assistance in installing this item, please contact  your local distributor.

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